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for Families of Autistic and Neurodivergent Adults, Teens, and Children

May 12, 2022

All AANE programming is currently online (with the exception of some LifeNet programs) and registration is required. Blue text links to further information and registration pages. The following terms indicate the event's structure and intended audience.

  • "Open" programs may have different participants joining from session to session.
  • "Closed" programs have the same participants for a set number of sessions.
  • LOCAL [City, State] programs are intended for those living in the vicinity of the indicated area. If LOCAL is not indicated, the program is available to those living anywhere.
For programs that require a fee, financial assistance is available and no one will be turned away for the inability to pay. To inquire about financial assistance or for general inquiries, please email events@aane.org.


"Closed" Support Groups

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Support Groups for Parents of Children/Teens/Young Adults (through age 22)

Registration for additional closed support groups will begin on a rolling basis. If you want to receive early notification when groups are forming, please fill out the form linked below based upon your child's age:

Workshops + Featured Events

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Workshop: Asperger/Autism 101 for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children/Teens/Young Adults (through age 22) June 23

Workshop: Asperger/Aiutism 102: What's Next for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children/Teens/Young Adults (through age 22) July 14

Community Chat with AANE Executive Director July 19

Webinars + Info Sessions

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Webinar: Special Needs Trusts - Planning Your Future June 14

Webinar: Driving with Autism - Five Things Your Driving School Won't Teach You June 21

*NEW* Recordings available to rent: AANE's 2022 Virtual Jody Acford Conference MA Edition & NY Edition

Recording: How to Find Public Benefits for Adults with Aspergers/Autism in Any State available for rent

Recording: Understanding Sensory Needs, Anxiety, and Behavior available for rent

Help for Parents + Families

Help 5-12.jpgYou are one click away from all information, practical guidance, support, and connection you need. AANE is available via email, phone, and video conference, and has extended availability during evening hours. Reach us through the Contact Us page or schedule a free information and resource call, available for parents of children and teens, parents of adultsand spouses/partners in neurodiverse relationships.

Connection + Support

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FREE Online "Open" Community Connections Sessions

  • Parents of Children/Teens/Young Adults (through age 22) June 9

FREE Online "Open" Support Groups   

  • Grupo de Apoyo para Padres de niños, adolescentes y adultos jóvenes con Autismo/Asperger (Spanish-Speaking Parents of Children, Teens, and Young Adults) May 13, May 20
  • Parents of Adults (formerly Providence, RI) May 18
  • Families of Adults (formerly Greater Hudson Valley, NY) May 22
  • Fathers of Individuals on the Spectrum May 25
  • Families of Individuals on the Spectrum (formerly Manhattan, NY) June 7

FREE Online "Open" Social Events 

  • Knitting and Needlecraft Social Group May 15

FREE Online Discussion Forums


Neurodiverse Couples/Partners


Training for Couples Therapists


Moments of anxiety can pop up in any relationship, but often anxiety is amplified in neurodiverse relationships. Unspoken expectations, differences in communication styles, and misalignment of needs can increase anxiety between partners. AANE’s Training 101 and Certification 201 provides therapists with the tools they need to help partners understand the role anxiety plays in their relationship. Learn more.

AANE AsperCoach Training
2022 AsperCoach_Support Square.jpg2022 AsperCoach_ Weekly Email2.2REV (1).jpg

Scholarship Funds and Grants

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AANE is pleased to provide some financial assistance for a limited number of individuals and families who need a little help paying for services thanks to the generous support of the:

Daniel Braun Scholarship Fund for Adults (for adults age 22+ living in the United States)

Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism (for families with an autistic child, up to age 22 living in New England)

Job Opportunities

AANE is currently seeking to fill the following positions:


Interested in other upcoming events? Click below to see the calendar!



Questions? Call: 617-393-3824

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