Upcoming Events for Adults

Support Groups, Activities, and Events

for Adults with Asperger’s or Similar Autism Spectrum
and Neurodiverse Profiles
January 19, 2021
All AANE programming is currently online. Blue text links to further information and registration pages. The following terms indicate the event’s structure and intended audience.
  • “Open” programs may have different participants joining from session to session.
  • “Closed” programs have the same participants for a set number of sessions.
  • LOCAL [City, State] programs are intended for those living in the vicinity of the indicated area. If LOCAL is not indicated, the program is available to those living anywhere.
For programs that require a fee, financial assistance is available and no one will be turned away for the inability to pay. To inquire about financial assistance or for general inquiries, please email events@aane.org.
AANE’s Winter 2021 On-Demand Jody Acford Conference
Conference Content Available February 24 – April 30, 2021

This annual AANE conference covers public and private benefits and supports for adults with Asperger and similar autism profiles. This year, AANE has created an expanded conference with pre-recorded presentations for both Massachusetts and New York audiences.
Social Activities + Events
FREE Online “Open” Activities and Events
Find connection and fun with others in the AANE community!
  • Meetup (Science and Technology Discussion), January 21, January 28
  • Social/Game Night (formerly “Fitchburg”), January 27
  • Netflix Watch Party “Airplane,” January 28
  • Social/Game Night (formerly “Holyoke”), January 28  
  • “Peter Boie: Magician for Non-Believers,” January 31
  • Social/Game Night (formerly “Westwood”), February 1
  • Social/Game Night (formerly “Springfield”), February 3  
  • Virtual Game Night, February 8
  • Virtual Book Club, “The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story” by Hyeonseo Lee & David John, February 9
FREE Online “Open” LifeNet Social Activities
LifeNet, AANE’s independent living support program, offers a variety of social activities for its clients and is making those activities available to a small number of non-LifeNet clients for a limited time.
FREE Online LOCAL “Open” Activities and Events
  • LOCAL Greater Boston & Southeastern, MA Outdoor Enthusiasts Club, January 23
  • LOCAL Boston, MA Book Club, “Bossypants” by Tina Fey, January 26
  • LOCAL Salem, MA Social/Game Night, February 4
  • LOCAL Framingham, MA Social/Game Night, February 15
FREE Online “Closed” Activities and Events
  • Berklee College of Music – Free Music Lesson Interest Series, begins March 2

Connection + Support
Connect with others in the community and AANE staff.
FREE Online “Open” Community Connection Session
FREE Online “Open” Support Groups
  • Adults (formerly “Westwood, MA”), January 25
  • Adults (formerly “Providence, RI”), January 27
  • Adults 50+ (formerly “Watertown, MA”), February 1
  • Gay Men (formerly “Boston, MA”) – This group is for post-high school men with Asperger’s who are gay. February 1
  • Teens (ages 13-19) (formerly “Plainview, NY”), February 13
  • Adults (formerly “Brentwood, NY”), February 13
  • Adults (formerly “Manhattan, NY”),