Wallet Card

A person with an Asperger profile may want to disclose when interacting with a "first responder." (i.e., a police officer, firefighter, or emergency medical technician.) This kind of disclosure may be especially hard, because the situation may be an emergency, or one in which you feel threatened or unsafe. If you are an adult or teen with an Asperger profile, we suggest that you carry a copy of the card below in your wallet at all times, to use in such difficult situations. Be sure to write on the back of the card the names and telephone numbers of two people who know you, and who explicitly agree to serve as emergency contacts for you if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation with a police officer or other first responder.

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How to Use the Wallet Card

The Wallet Card Video below explains when and how to use the wallet card. It includes depictions of three different scenarios where the Wallet Card brings clarity to interactions between people with ASD and law enforcement. The video is produced by Deborah Dietz and hosted by Lieutenant Bart Barta from the Coral Gables Police Department and Haley Moss, a young woman on the autism spectrum.