Asperger/Autism Professional Coaching Association

A Resource & Support Community for Professionals Working With Neurodiverse Teens & Adults


AANE is pleased to introduce the Asperger/Autism Professional Coaching Association - a professional development resource and support for professionals who coach, guide, and advise older teens and adults with Asperger/autism and similar neurodiverse profiles such as:

  • high school & college counselors
  • life coaches
  • mental health therapists
  • social workers
  • vocational counselors
  • similar professionals

The Association offers monthly clinical group sessions with fellow colleagues where members can confidentially review cases for expert guidance and support. Membership also provides opportunities for numerous one-on-one consultations with experienced AANE LifeMAP coaches. 

Members of the Association will gain from almost 25 years of focused service and expertise that AANE brings as a national leader in supporting neurodiverse individuals, families, and the professionals who serve them. In 2008, AANE launched the client-centered, individualized, and strength-based LifeMAP coaching program to work with older teens and adults in our community. Since then, the LifeMAP program has helped 2,600 clients define and reach their personal goals, including finding and maintaining employment, living independently, successfully attending and completing college, and finding social connections. AANE LifeMAP coaches leading the monthly clinical session and participating in the one-to-one consults bring their knowledge and experience to association members.

This Association can help its members better serve their clients by providing:

  • a community of professionals focused on working with older teens and adults with Asperger/autsim and neurodiverse profiles to share advice and feedback
  • relevant, expert guidance from professionals with proven success for individuals with Asperger/autism profiles
  • access to up-to-date information and resources for individuals with Asperger/autism profiles 
  • association with AANE, a provider of employment and life skill programs for MA state agencies and public school districts

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AANE Professional Coaching Association

Your subscription to the Association includes:

  1. Monthly AANE Online Clinical Coaching Hour. The AANE Online Clinical Coaching Hour is a forum for LifeMAP coaches, trained IACT (Intensive Autism Coach Training) Coaches, and Association members to come together during a facilitated session to review complex cases and learn new strategies. Each limited capacity, 60-minute session is hosted online via video conferencing.
  2. One, 30-minute, one-on-one phone consultations per month (maximum of 12, 30-minute, consultations over a 12 month period) with a LifeMAP clinician.
  3. Access to the "Skill Building for LifeMAP Coaches and AAPCA Members" online training series. These monthly training sessions address a wide variety of coaching topics, such as working with clients on transition and independent living skills, third party funders and reporting requirements, getting creative with virtual coaching meetings, and much more.  Once a month you will be offered access to a live skill building workshop ($10 fee) exclusive to AAPCA members and LifeMAP coaches, along with discounted access to the skill building workshop library.
  4. Inclusion in AANE's Online Coaching Google Group Discussion Forum.  Access an online community of LifeMAP coaches, trained IACT Coaches, and other AAPCA members to raise questions and learn from peers.
  5. Yearly membership balance can be used towards Intensive Autism Coach Training (IACT). If a yearly Association member chooses to enroll in IACT and is accepted, the tuition for IACT training will be reduced by the remaining Association membership balance.

The subscription fee is $35 per month.

  • Subscribe for a 12-month membership and receive a 10% discount: $378 annual fee.
  • Cancel at anytime. (Prorated refunds given for 12-month memberships.)
  • Membership auto-renews unless 30-day notice given.

How to Subscribe

Submit your application and choose a monthly or annual membership today.

 Submit Application

After you submit your application, you will be asked to:

  1. Schedule an intake phone call with the director of the Asperger/Autism Professional Coaching Association, Nataliya Poto.
  2. Email your resume to

When your application is received, intake phone call is complete, and resume is received, your member benefits will begin!


Not ready to apply?  Schedule a free phone call with Nataliya Poto, AANE's LifeMAP Director and Director of the Asperger/Autism Professional Coaching Association.


Intensive Autism Coach Training (IACT)

Interested in learning about coaching adults on the spectrum?  Intensive Autism Coach Training participants learn the most effective approaches for coaching adults on the spectrum from professionals who are the experts in helping adults with Asperger/autism profiles build skills and progress toward reaching their life goals.  Find out more.