Online Community Connection Sessions, Support Groups, & Discussion Forum for Parents/Families of Adults

AANE offers four types of supports for Parents/Families of Adults:

For parents of adults on the spectrum, parenting can be demanding, frustrating, and at times stressful long after the child is grown.  Parents who are members of support groups gain feedback and perspective from peers on issues such as:

    • maintaining a healthy parent/child relationship 
    • keeping the lines of communication open
    • Accessing services to help their child find employment,live independently, and connect socially
    • taking time to support themselves

AANE parents of adult support groups are designed for parents and family members of post-high school adults on the spectrum.  Family members must be 18 years or older to join these groups or the online discussion forum. AANE staff members facilitate these in-person and online groups, as well as our online discussion forum.   

Frequently Asked Questions about Parent of Adult Support Groups

Free Online Community Connection Sessions for Parents of Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Parenting in the time of COVID-19 is especially difficult due to restrictions on normal activity and interaction.  Our online video conferencing sessions for parents of adults are a free, simple, casual way for you to talk with other parents of adults on the spectrum, to reassure yourself that you are not alone no matter how socially distant you feel! Each Community Connection Session is facilitated by members of the AANE Adult Services Staff who are parents of adults on the spectrum.  They know how important it is to strike a balance between nurturing themselves and helping their adult child cope with the disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

(These sessions are not a substitute for AANE Parent of Adult Support Group Series or Ongoing/Drop-In Support Groups.  If you are looking for longer-term support investigate these support group options.)  

Although these online sessions are free, registration is required, so that we can email you the link to join the session.  Sessions are hosted on the Zoom platform. Note that we close registration once 25 people have registered.  These video sessions are in high-demand, so if you register, please respect those who haven’t been able to sign up—by attending the session.

Take note of time zone differences.  All sessions take place in the US Eastern (Boston/New York) time zone on Wednesday evenings from 7-8 PM EDT on the following dates:

May 27, 2020   7-8 PM EDT REGISTER NOW

June 10, 2020   7-8 PM EDT REGISTER NOW

June 24, 2020   7-8 PM EDT REGISTER NOW

Technology Requirements
We will use Zoom to host the interest series meetings. You will need:
• a computer or tablet. (You can use a mobile phone, but it won’t be quite as good.)
• an Internet connection
• a webcam so you can see and interact with other players.
You aren't required to install anything on your computer or tablet in order to use Zoom, but some people do find it helpful to download the Zoom client.
If you have never used Zoom, before you attend the interest series, we strongly suggest that you visit:


Support Group Series for Parents of Adults

Support group series are designed to create a tight-knit peer support network that members can tap into even after all group meetings in the series end.   Groups meet in-person or online for 90 minutes for 6-12 meetings.  Meetings may be weekly, every other week, or monthly.  Members of the group must register in advance, and groups are typically limited to 12 members. Each group is  facilitated by an AANE staff member. Cost:Cost varies by group ($150-$275) and covers all of the meetings in the support group series.(Financial assistance is available. Contact 

Click below to see our in-person and online parent of adult support group series, and sign up for early notifications if registration is closed.

Click here to see all of our in-person parent of adult support group series in Massachusetts.

Click here to see all of our online parent of adult support group series, available to parents anywhere.

This Parent of Adult Support Group Series is now open for registration:

Ongoing/Drop-In Support Groups for Parents/Grandparents of Adults

Ongoing Support Groups, also known as Drop-In Support Groups, are in-person groups for parents of adults which meet at regularly scheduled times.  Newcomers are always welcome, but for the best ongoing support group experience, we recommend that newcomers contact or the group facilitator to request a phone orientation. 


Online Discussion Forum for Parents of Adults

Our free online discussion forum is designed for parents of younger adults (19-26) as well as older adults (27+). Siblings, aunts, uncles, and other adult family members may also join this group. In this forum you can share your concerns, questions, and successes with more than 1700 other parents and family members throughout the US and Canada.  Click here to join now.