Support Options for Parents/Families of Adults (23 Years Old & Older)

AANE offers four types of supports for Parents/Families of Adults 23 years old and older:

For parents of adults on the spectrum, parenting can be demanding, frustrating, and at times stressful long after the child is grown.  Parents who are members of support groups gain feedback and perspective from peers on issues such as:

    • maintaining a healthy parent/child relationship 
    • keeping the lines of communication open
    • Accessing services to help their child find employment, live independently, and connect socially
    • taking time to support themselves

AANE parents of adult support groups are designed for parents and family members of post-high school adults on the spectrum.  Family members must be 18 years or older to join these groups or the online discussion forum. AANE staff members facilitate these in-person and online groups, as well as our online discussion forum.   

Frequently Asked Questions about Parent of Adult Support Groups

Free Online Community Connection Sessions for Parents of Adults 23+

Community Connections are a great way to reduce your isolation and to try out AANE to see if you like us, but community connections sessions are not a substitute for AANE Closed Support Groups for Parents of Adults over 23 or Open Support Groups for Parents of Adults.  If you are looking for longer-term support investigate these support group options.  

Technology Requirements We will use Zoom to host the interest series meetings. You will need: • a computer or tablet. (You can use a mobile phone, but it won’t be quite as good.) • an Internet connection • a webcam so you can see and interact with other players. You aren't required to install anything on your computer or tablet in order to use Zoom, but some people do find it helpful to download the Zoom client. If you have never used Zoom, before you attend the interest series, we strongly suggest that you visit:  

"Open" Support Groups for Parents/Families of Adults

These open support groups have an undefined number of group members with new people coming and going on a regular basis. For the best open support group experience, we recommend that newcomers contact or the group facilitator to request a phone orientation.  These groups are free and most are now meeting online.  

Online Discussion Forum for Parents of Adults (23 years Old & Older)

Our free online discussion forum is designed for parents of adults 23 years old and older.  Siblings, aunts, uncles, and other adult family members may also join this group. In this forum you can share your concerns, questions, and successes with more than 300 other parents and family members throughout the US and Canada.  Click here to join now.

  • Demographic Information

    We ask for birthdate, gender, ethnicity, and race because of our commitment to equity and inclusion. This data has helped us to create innovative programming and recognize unmet needs. By filling out these fields, you help us gain insights on how we can help our entire community. Your personal information is protected by our privacy policy and is not shared with anyone outside of AANE.
  • For individual with an Asperger/autism/neurodiverse profile
  • For individual with an Asperger/autism/neurodiverse profile
  • For individual with an Asperger/autism/neurodiverse profile
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