Coaching for Parents & Family Members of Children, Teens, and Young Adults (under 22)

What is Parent Coaching?

  • Individualized problem solving and skill-building for parents of children, teens or adults to address your child and family's unique needs at home, school, work or out in the community.
  • Guidance to help navigate school related concerns: review IEP/504 plans, prepare for school meetings, and support effective home-school communication.
  • Organization and planning to help you create a family roadmap and prioritize where you need to spend your time, money and energy.
  • Practical strategies to help you "parent on the same page."

This page is about Parent Coaching for parents of children, teens, and adults 22 years and younger. Click here if you are looking for Coaching for Parents of Adults

When Should I Consider Parent Coaching?

  • If Asperger/Autism is new to you and you don't know where to begin.
  • If you want help sorting through conflicting or overwhelming information or recommendations to figure out what will be the right fit for your child and family.
  • If you feel frustrated or confused by your child's school program or team.
  • If you need practical parenting strategies to help your family function with less friction.
  • If you and your spouse/partner/co-parent need help parenting on the same page.
  • If things are going well now but you want to plan for transitions, independence and adulthood.

How Much does Parent Coaching Cost?

A single one-hour parent coaching session is $125.  If cost is an obstacle you can choose to pay an hourly rate that is 25%, 50%, or 75% off this rate with the codes listed in the Financial Assistance section below.


Financial Assistance

We recognize that cost can be an obstacle for some families. AANE is very honored to have been awarded grants from the Cummings Foundation and the J.E. and Z.B. Butler Foundation that allow us to support family services by reducing or eliminating fees.

If you need a price reduction on your parent coaching or IEP review appointment, please use one of the following codes:
  • Use the code 25%OFF
  • Use the code 50%OFF
  • Use the code 75%OFF

To apply the discount click on "redeem coupon" at check out.
If you have any questions please email

How Do I Schedule Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is available in person at AANE, by phone, or video-conferencing. All sessions are one-hour in length and available by appointment. Spanish language services are also available.

What People are Saying About Parent Coaching

 "After talking with you I feel greatly empowered and more confident that we can do this and get through the next few years in one piece. It's obvious you know what it's like to live with Asperger's in your family. Thank you!"


Parents/Other Family of Children or Teens (including transition-age youth through age 22) Coaching Session

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NY Parent (23 years and older) Coaching Session

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