Adult Programs and Services

Welcome to Adult Services at the Asperger/Autism Network. The AANE Adult Services team is here to help you feel connected, understood, and empowered. At AANE, you can explore how an Asperger profile affects your life, within an understanding, respectful, and supportive community. AANE offers many opportunities for learning, self-expression, community building, and problem-solving. If you are interested in exploring any of our services or programs, please Contact Adult Services, and we will be happy to help you! AANE Adult Services works with individuals with Asperger profiles who are 18 or over and post-high school, as well as their families. 

Resources and Referrals

AANE Adult Services Staff can help you locate referrals, respond to your questions or concerns, or provide support for you, your family member, friend or employee. Call or email us for assistance. For more extensive support, we offer consultations, which are described below.

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Support and Community

Adult Social and Support Groups

AANE support groups provide opportunities for participants to meet and talk with others in understanding and non-judgmental spaces. In the process of comparing life experiences and sharing challenges and successes, group members learn that they are not alone. Find the group that is right for you.

Social groups such as the AANE Pizza and Game Night provide opportunities for participants to meet in accepting spaces to socialize and to have fun. Participants build social skills in low-key, comfortable environments and often forge friendships that transcend the walls of AANE. 

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AANE Interest Series

People with Asperger profiles tend to connect best around shared interests. Many individuals in our adult community are extremely creative. Others have deep knowledge of particular subjects and enjoy connecting with others around those areas of expertise. These monthly groups will enable individuals with shared interests to meet and connect with others, while simultaneously participating in their interest areas.

Recent interest groups included: music, Zentangles, filmmaking, robotics, Anime and Manga, history, technology (video games), writing, and theater. 

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AANE Artist Collaborative

The AANE Artist Collaborative endeavors to support artists in the AANE community by enabling them to showcase and sell their work throughout the year. The artists meet monthly to share artistic, technical, and business knowledge in a supportive group, appreciative of their unique styles and perspectives.

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Parent Support and Discussion Groups

In-Person: In our parent groups you will find community and a wealth of information. You will have a chance to speak with other parents who have asked the types of questions you have -- and some of them will be able to tell you about the solutions they found for their adult children. The group leader will offer expertise and practical information and strategies all in an atmosphere of support.  

Online: If you ever feel like you need to find other parents who "get" what your life has been like raising a child (or children) with Asperger profiles, this group is for you. This online discussion group is available for parents of adults through all phases of their adult lives. This group offers remote access to a community of people asking questions, offering insight, and sharing stories. 

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Partner/Couple Support and Discussion Groups

In Person: These unique groups provide opportunities to for those in a relationship in which one or both individuals have an Asperger profile to give and receive support. In spaces comprised of community members and professionals, these groups provide connection, understanding and opportunities to learn and grow. We offer face-to-face groups for those in the area in addition to online groups available to people all over the world.

Online: There are two online discussion groups offered for spouses and partners: one for partners currently in a relationship with a person with an Asperger profile, and one group for those who are divorced and co-parenting. In either group, you have the opportunity to connect remotely with others who will hear your stories and relate from their own experiences. You can even start by just reading what others have to say.  These groups are moderated by Grace Myhill, AANE Director of Partner Services.

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Information and Education


Sometimes you need time to sit down and have a conversation to learn more about Asperger Profiles or discuss some strategies for an issue. Schedule a consultation in-person, on the phone, or via skype. Consultations usually take about an hour and the cost is $125 (financial assistance available). You choose your consultation topic based on your needs and priorities. This may include: review of Asperger profiles, planning for the future, disclosure, communication, relationships, and more.  

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Parent Coaching

Sign up for individualized problem solving and skill-building for parents of adults to address your adult child and family's unique needs at home, school, work, or out in the community. Your parent coach will provide organization and planning to help you create a family roadmap and prioritize where you need to invest your time, money, and energy. You will receive targeted and tailored information concerning benefits and supports. If you participate in coaching with a co-parent, your coach will offer practical strategies to help you "parent on the same page."

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AANE Life Management Assistance Program (LifeMAP)

AANE’s Life Management Assistance Program is an intensive, practical, highly individualized life coaching program for individuals with Asperger profiles. LifeMAP is staffed by trained professionals with expertise in Asperger profiles. Coaches help clients use their strengths to identify and overcome the particular barriers they face. The ultimate goal of LifeMAP is for clients to improve their quality of life, increase their independence, and progress toward reaching their full potential.

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Neurodiverse Couples Coaching

Intimate relationships can be hard, but they are especially challenging when partners have different perspectives, communication techniques, approaches, and skill sets. In Neurodiverse Couples Coaching sessions, which can occur individually or together with your spouse/partner, you will discuss issues related to your unique relationship in which one or both members have an Asperger profile.

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Educational Workshops and Conferences

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The Jody Acford Spirit Conference – Annually each summer

Navigating Public and Private Supports in Massachusetts – Annually in January

Webinars - View past events on YouTube

Training for Professionals

AANE provides customized training and consultation to meet the needs of professionals. Many professionals find it helpful to start with a training session and then schedule follow up consultations to problem solve and support the implementation of new strategies. Professionals can request trainings from AANE staff, and if you are an adult or family member, please encourage any member of your professional team to reach out to us to continue to improve their effectiveness in supporting you.

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AANE Adult Speakers Bureau

No one understands the Asperger experience better than those with Asperger profiles. In recognition of the unique perspectives of these individuals, AANE has assembled a Speakers’ Bureau of adults of all ages. All of these adults have experience in public speaking. Their presentations will enhance your understanding of the challenges people with Asperger profiles face, and the strategies that help them succeed through irreplaceable first-person perspectives.

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AANE Forms Clinic

Do you need help completing applications for housing, SSI or health insurance? AANE is offering this free service to all adults with Asperger profiles, by appointment. To set up an appointment, please email Appointments will take place at AANE Tuesdays from 10am-2pm. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Names of the forms you wish to complete
  • Your coach's name, if applicable