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Research Study

*Online Paid Research Study* We are launching a study to examine if sibling reports capture the same phenomena as adult-self reports and parent reports to explore whether siblings shed a different light on individuals with autism spectrum disorder. With this information, we hope to gain a better understanding on how well individuals report on their sibling’s with ASD in comparison to adult-self report and parent-report. By exploring the comparison between this triad, researchers will have a better understanding of the impact and meaning of sibling reports.  We created a survey on this topic that will take approximately 60-90 minutes and asks questions about yourself. We are writing to ask if you would like to participate. Completing this survey is completely optional. Your information will be connected to a family code used to ensure that you, your sibling’s, and your parent’s responses remain together. After completing the questionnaire, a $20 gift card code will be emailed to you for compensation.

If you are interested in participating, ask a sibling and parent to consider participating to complete your family triad. Once they are interested email us at crehanlab@tufts.edu confirming you between the ages of 18-35, did not have a legally assigned representative and currently residing in the US. A legally assigned representative could be responsible for managing your money or medical needs or helping with daily living activities. Once your sibling and parent confirm their participation in the study, we will contact you with your family code and the link to the questionnaire.

Published on: Mar 15, 2021 

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