Asperger Syndrome: What parents can teach us about success and challenges

Research Study

I am Wendy Handler, MBA, DBA. I am working on a research project about the experiences of parents of children (elementary school to mid 20’s) with Aspergers. My goal is to find common successful themes as well as challenges in raising this group of children. I am interested in speaking with parents of children of various ages. It is my hope that this information might ultimately help those on the spectrum become more successful in their degree of independence, their development of social skills, as well as their potential college and/or employment opportunities.

Having lived through both highs and lows of a son on the spectrum who is now age 25, I am attempting to uncover the factors that lead to success or significant difficulty of those with high functioning ASD.

Confidentiality and anonymity is promised along with the opportunity to benefit personally through gratis advice and advocacy as a thank you for participating. The ability to talk freely about your child’s experience and to benefit from the results of this study are additional positive outcomes of participation. Approximately an hour of time is requested. Gift card to Starbucks ($10) as thank you as well.

Please email me directly at