What NeuroDiverse Couples Want Therapists and Marriage Helpers to know!

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Dr. Stephanie C. Holmes and her husband Dan Holmes (Certified Life Coach) are a NeuroDiverse couple who want to research ND relationships.
First of all, many couples report being harmed by untrained counselors, coaches, and clergy or helpers in their religious community. We would like to explore what is helpful and harmful in working with ND couples.
Second, we are looking at relational outcomes and strategies that may be unconventional that couples use to help their relationship.
Thirdly, we want to look at couples who have a faith tradition and not a faith tradition to see if their faith or religion adds challenges to the ND relationship.
This survey is open to all types of couples faith and not faith, for heteronormative or same sex couples. We are interested in all genders as to who is on the spectrum and if there are couples where both partners are on the spectrum to compare to those couples where one partner is NT. At the moment the results coming in are 3:1 women to men and we really want to hear from both perspectives. Also you may take this survey if you are cohabitating, married, separated or divorced.

This survey is part 1 of the study which is mixed methods and exploratory with a call to action!
Part 2 of the study will look at data from the survey and do in-depth interviews with at least 10 couples who would state they do not have a faith tradition and 10 who do. This would be a qualitative phenomenological study.
The survey takes 20 minutes to complete. Your name and personal information is asked because we need to be able to contact people if they qualify for part 2 but your information will only be viewed by the research team.
Thank you for your consideration to participate.

we would like to have the research submitted to an academic journal to make professionals more aware of training to work with ND couples.
We want to write a book about the fait element, as we are a ND couple of faith and want to better educate religious communities about ND couples.

email:  dr.stephanie@holmesasr.com

Published on: Jan 9, 2023 at 10:50

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