Webinar – Students on the Autism Spectrum: Going Online


WHERE: Webinar (registration is required to receive link)

HOSTS: Dr. Jane Brown

COST: Free to attend (registration required)

DESCRIPTION: Transition is difficult for everyone and for students on the spectrum who were adjusted to daily life at school, the current changes to an at home environment may be more disruptive. What can parents do to help students retain skills they have developed. How should parents encourage independence while students are staying at home and learning online. This recording offers strategies to help.

BIO: Jane Thierfeld Brown is Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale Child Study, Yale Medical School, and is the Director of College Autism Spectrum, an independent counseling service. She has worked in Disability Services for 39 years. Dr. Brown also consults with many families, students, school districts and institutions of higher education. She has co-authored “Student with Asperger’s: A Guide for College Professionals” (2009), “The Parent’s Guide to College for Students on the Autism Spectrum” (2012), and “Behavior Management and Self-Regulation” (2012) along with many textbook chapters and articles. Dr. Brown is married and has three children, the youngest being a 26-year-old son with Autism.