Using Skill Cards to Generalize Skills

By Jean Stern, MS

Skill cards help educators focus on teaching one particular skill at a time. They clarify which skill you are teaching, where the skill is being practiced and how it will be generalized. These cards are shared with the team of teachers who are working with the child as well as the parent.

Skill cards collect data to help you know if your strategy is effective. They also help you build trust with parents and let them know the specific skills you are focusing on with their child. A skill card can be as simple as an index card, writing the skill being taught at the top along with the date you start.  Use different colored cards for different areas you are working on (yellow for speech, blue for behavior, pink for organization).  each the skill to the child alone or in a group and then choose 3 places that the skill will be practiced throughout the day and include those on the card as well.

The card can help the student to see what they are supposed to be working on and when they are expected to practice this skill during the day. It also gives recognition to the student for their efforts.

The card can also be sent home so that parents can support opportunities to practice this skill at home to promote generalization. When a skill is mastered, bank them as accomplishments and move to another. If the child moves to a new setting and becomes unsure of a task taught, bring out the card again as a refresher and reminder until the child has his confidence back.

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