Upcoming Events for Families

Support Groups, Workshops, and Events
for Families of Adults, Teens, and Children
with Asperger's or Similar Autism Spectrum and Neurodiverse Profiles
March 4, 2021
All AANE programming is currently online. Blue text links to further information and registration pages. The following terms indicate the event's structure and intended audience.
  • “Open” programs may have different participants joining from session to session.
  • “Closed” programs have the same participants for a set number of sessions.
  • LOCAL [City, State] programs are intended for those living in the vicinity of the indicated area. If LOCAL is not indicated, the program is available to those living anywhere.
For programs that require a fee, financial assistance is available and no one will be turned away for the inability to pay. To inquire about financial assistance or for general inquiries, please email events@aane.org
Featured Events
Online "Closed" Support Group for Parents of Neurodivergent Transgender Adults (18-35) begins March 16
This group can provide unique support to parents of adults who are both transgender and autistic. Read more
Winter 2021 On-Demand Jody Acford Conference - A Roadmap Through Adulthood, register by April 16
Recorded presentations and resources available on-demand to view through April 30. Learn more
Thank You to Our Platinum Conference Sponsors!
Workshops + Webinars
Preparing for College - A Panel of Students and Graduates March 7
Understanding Sensory Needs, Anxiety, and Behavior March 30
Asperger’s/Autism 101 for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children (through age 22) April 15
You are one click away from all the information, practical guidance, support, and connection you need. AANE is available via email, phone, and video conference, and has extended availability during evening hours. Reach us through the Contact Us page or schedule a free information and referral call, available for parents of children and teens, parents of adults, and spouses/partners in neurodiverse relationships.
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Connection + Support
FREE Connection + Support
  • Parents of Children/Teens/Young Adults (through age 22) March 18, April 1
FREE Online "Open" Support Groups
  • FREE "Open" Teen Group (ages 13-19) (formerly Plainview, NY) April 10
Neurodiverse Couples/Partners
Grant/Scholarship Funds*
AANE is pleased to provide funds to families and individuals needing financial assistance for educational services and recreational activities. Click on the links below for more information.
*If you are in a crisis situation where a cash grant can be helpful, email suzanne.tompkins@aane.org
 for consideration.
Employment Readiness and Maintenance
It is estimated that 80-85% of individuals on the spectrum with college degrees are under- or unemployed. AANE is uniquely positioned to partner with schools, organizations, businesses, and agencies that provide services such as pre-employment training, interview preparation, and job maintenance to help individuals with Asperger/autism profiles enter and thrive in the workplace. Learn more.
Volunteers Needed!
Focus Group
Interested in giving feedback about AANE's communications? We want to hear from you! Volunteer to join an AANE focus group. Learn More.
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