Understanding How Gender Roles Affect Autism Spectrum Disorder Camouflaging

Research Study

I am part of a class called AP Research where we create and conduct our own original research. I am looking to recruit participants with Autism Spectrum Disorder aged 16 to 18 for my phenomenological research study. The question I’m investigating is: How is Autism Spectrum Disorder camouflaging, measured by the Camouflaging Autistic Traits Questionnaire (CAT-Q) and a phenomenological interview, impacted by gender norms for current teenage girls (with ASD) compared to current teenage boys (with ASD) aged 16 to 18 in high school?

This research will first be carried out through a questionnaire that will be given to participants. After analyzing and interpreting the data from the questionnaire, a phenomenological interview will occur. There will be three interviews conducted with the same few participants over the course of a month. The first interview will gather background information, purely facts without asking for opinions. The second interview will ask about everyday experiences. The third interview will look for participants’ perspectives and opinions on how their life has been affected by ASD. Interviews will be over Zoom. Ultimately, by understanding the reasoning behind how ASD camouflaging is impacted by gender norms the autism community will be able to better support autistic females.

In order to participate in the study you must:
Have an ASD diagnosis by a professional psychologist.
Be aged 16 to 18.

If you are interested in participating in this research study please contact me at hlandau0002@mymail.lausd.net.
You may also contact my advisor at adrianne.warlick@lausd.net

Published on: Dec 10, 2021 at 13:04

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