Understanding experiences of work and unemployment for individuals with Autistic Spectrum

Research Study

My name is Iona Mason, and I am a Geography student from the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow conducting a study for an Honours Geography Degree. The study examines the experiences of the workplace/ being unemployed of people with autism.

The main aims and objectives are:

• To find out if employment experiences have any effect on the wellbeing of people with autism
• To find out what types of work people with ASD go into and if there are any patterns
• To find out what level of support there is for people with ASD in the workplace
• To find out the impact of employment and unemployment on the wellbeing of people with ASD

You are invited to take part in this research and is entirely voluntary.

What will taking part in the research involve?

This research will require you to answer a questionnaire that will take no more than 20 minutes. The questionnaire will involve a series of written questions ranging from YES/NO answers to ticking a box with room to expand/ provide more detailed information if you wish to do so. The location of this questionnaire will be online through the platform “Microsoft Forms” and can be taken anywhere between the beginning of June 2020 and the beginning of September 2020. The questionnaire will consist of questions based around the research objectives stated above. The main themes being:

• Employment and unemployment and any difficulties involved getting or maintaining a job long term
• Support and understanding of ASD within the workplace
• Types of careers people with ASD go into
• Impact employment and unemployment has on the wellbeing of people with ASD

From your involvement you can expect answers given to be carefully analysed and may end up being used in my final dissertation.

What will happen to the information?

All contributions are confidential and participants remain anonymous (pseudonyms will be used in this case). The materials collected will be stored in a password protected computer accessed only by myself and my supervisor. This will subsequently be destroyed after the dissertation is submitted and marked. The research project will be completed by the 15th of December 2020 and submitted as a ‘dissertation’ to the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow. It will be assessed by my supervisor and possibly read by other staff members within the department. The dissertations are not public documents.

What are my rights?

You have the right to withdraw from this research at any time, without giving any reason. Your participation is entirely voluntary and If you choose to take part in any way you will be asked to sign a consent form. If you do withdraw, all physical and electronic copies of your data will be destroyed.

Who has reviewed this project?

This project has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through, the College of Science and Engineering Research Ethics Committee

website: http://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=KVxybjp2UE-B8i4lTwEzyLjOUdQt6SRHiudiPnj7d9BUMFBONUNDU0UwVzNQS0tFUDBLVTlJVE9RVi4u

email: 2315523M@student.gla.ac.uk

Published on: Oct 1, 2020 at 14:38

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