The Effects of COVID 19 on the cardiovascular (heart health) health of children with ASD

Research Study

The questionnaire entitle: effect of Covid 19 on the cardiovascular health of children with ASD has been approved by the ethics Committee at I.T Carlow, Ireland.

The questionnaire will be filled out by parents of children with ASD and will consist of questions asking relating to them and their child. Within the questionnaire they will be asked about their socio-economic background and the questionnaire will also ask about their ASD child’s cardiovascular health, physical activity levels, sedentary behavior, eating habits and anxiety levels during Covid 19 pandemic compared to normal life before the outbreak. The aim of the questionnaire is to understand how the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted cardiovascular health, physical activity, sedentary behavior, sleep, anxiety levels and eating habits in comparison to before the pandemic.

The questionnaires will be completed online through IT Carlow’s survey monkey, individual results will be anonymous, and results of the questionnaire will be stored on a password protected computer. It will include a consent form explaining that participation in the survey is completely voluntary and they can withdraw at any stage if they wish to do so. If they do not wish to answer a question, there will be a prefer not to say option available and they can continue with the survey. Parents will have an option at the end of the survey to enter their email address which will allow them to partake in any follow up questionnaire study.

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The Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland is conducting a survey to find out about the cardiovascular health (heart health) of school-going children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the effect that COVID-19 related restrictions has had on this aspect of their health.

By taking part you will be helping the research team understand some of the risk factors for cardiovascular health in this community and how COVID-19 related restrictions have impacted them.

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Published on: Oct 6, 2020 at 13:19

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