Training & Education

In collaboration with other AANE departments and vendors, the Training & Education team provide educational and instructional programming for families, professionals, adults and internal staff so that all can better understand Asperger’s and the Autism spectrum as well as learn and develop strategies to help our community build meaningful, connected lives.


Are you wondering how to work more effectively with your loved ones, students, clients, employees, or customers on the Autism Spectrum? AANE provides training and consultations to meet your specific needs whether it be personal, for your school, organization, parent group, or business.

Some may find it helpful to start with a training session and then schedule follow-up consultations or coaching to find solutions and support the implementation of new strategies. Others have attended a conference or training in the past and want additional ongoing support to help continue to improve, learn, and grow their skills. A wide array of topics are available and if you are an organization, AANE can customize training and create a program to suit your specific needs.



Organizational Training & Consultation

AANE can travel to you or host your event. We work with professionals from a variety of disciplines and geographic locations. AANE has trained or consulted with the following types of professionals and groups:

  • School Faculty, Staff and Administrators
  • Parent Groups
  • College Staff, Disability, Counseling, and Career Services Staff
  • Disability and Social Service Organizations
  • Mental Health Providers, Hospitals and Health Care Centers
  • Government Agencies (e.g. Department of Developmental Services, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education)
  • Employers and Employee Assistance Programs
  • Other Community Based Organization such as Libraries, Museums, First Responders

Here’s a sampling of topics where we have offered training and consultation. This list is not exhaustive-please let us know if you need a different topic:

  • Understanding Aspergers/Autism
  • Asperger’s/Autism in the Workplace
  • Classroom Strategies
  • Transition Planning
  • Preparing for College
  • Sensory Processing
  • Executive Function
  • Families and Relationships
  • Asperger 's/Autism and Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions
  • Asperger's/Autism and the Justice System
  • Asperger's/Autism and Gender Identity


AANE offers 3 conferences per year which further enriches our information sharing and community building.

Winter Jody Acford Conference
In the winter, AANE dedicates this conference to our adult clients, their families, and professionals working with adults covering topics related to benefits and services that are available through the state of Massachusetts.

Spring/Summer AANE Themed Conference
In the spring, AANE offers a more intimate conference where there are speakers and first-person presentations focused on a topic of interest to our community. Topics in the past have included self-esteem, women, anxiety, stress management, and sexuality.

Fall Daniel W. Rosenn Annual AANE Connections Conference
Our annual Connections Conference in the fall is geared toward our entire community offering high profile keynote speakers such as Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Tony Attwood. We also offer a variety of workshops to get more information and meet others in the AANE community. Our annual conference reaches an average of over 500 participants per year.


Other Learning Opportunities

Using webinars, videos, and other distance learning platforms, participants can take classes on a variety of topics remotely and on-demand. Some programs are self-paced to encourage learning in the moment or some are in a synchronous fashion with other learners at the same time from all over the world.

Speakers Bureau
For those looking to hear first-hand accounts from our community members, we have a speakers bureau comprised of adults of all ages ready to share their experiences on a variety of topics such as school, college, work, relationships, self-awareness, self-advocacy, and building independence.

Intensive Programs