Legal Issues

Individuals with Asperger profiles may seek legal information and advocacy to protect themselves against discrimination, or they may be dealing with a criminal accusation or arrest. Some individuals get into legal trouble for reasons related to their Asperger profile. They may lack communication skills, react to situations unpredictably, or have their actions misinterpreted when they do not make “appropriate” eye contact. Some people with Asperger profiles have confessed to crimes that they did not commit in an anxious effort to stop police questioning. Conversely, some individuals have actually been guilty of the crimes of which they had been accused. Advocacy efforts can serve to introduce explanations about why Asperger profiles can render it difficult for individuals to accurately read social situations, sometimes involving them in circumstances that they were unable to anticipate. These advocacy efforts can be used to potentially reduce or modify punishments, for example: resulting in lower security placements in prison, shorter jail times or probation.

It is important to ascertain your legal council’s understanding of Asperger profiles. To be effective, your attorney must become well-versed in how an Asperger profile influences your actions. You may need to provide your council with information about Asperger profiles or Autism. We are here to provide you with the resources you need.

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