The Airport Experience for Individuals with Autism and their Caregivers

Research Study

My name is Aisha Faulkner and I am a recent occupational therapy graduate working on
a research project. I am researching the airport experience in the United States for
people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families or caregivers and I
would love to hear about your experiences.

Your answers will help increase the number of programs and adaptations that help you
have a good time at the airport. Your answers will also help identify what is causing you
to have a bad time at the airport and find solutions to improve your experience. These
results can increase opportunities for individuals with ASD and their families to travel
the world.

*This survey has 2 pathways. One pathway for individuals with ASD and the other
pathway is for family members and caregivers. The individual with ASD and their family
member or caregiver can both take the survey since there are 2 different pathways.

-Survey will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete
-If you assist someone in filling out the survey, please fill it out from their
-Survey allows you to save and continue later!

Thank you for your interest in my research!

Please forward to anyone who may be interested in taking this survey. Thank you!

Published on: Apr 21, 2021 at 15:20

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