“Swiping Right on the Spectrum: The Form, Function, and Meaning of Online Dating for Autistic Women”

Research Study

You will be one of about 10 individuals asked to share their stories and experiences with online dating. We will converse about your positive and negative online dating experiences, your online profiles, and other related topics for about 30-45 minutes either in person or through Zoom. Non-speaking participants can contribute to their interview in writing. We also ask you to provide 2 photos that represent your experiences while online dating. You may not include images of other people in the 2 photos. You will be asked to describe how these photos represent your experiences and to share how you navigate online dating. Some specific topics we may ask you are related to the ease of use of apps, preferences in potential partners and why, and the purpose of trying to find a partner.

email:  mmckinley9@toromail.csudh.edu

Published on: Oct 12, 2022 at 17:58

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