Survey for The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Teen Advocacy Step-by-step advice for neurodivergent teens and those who care about them By Jennifer Brunton, Ph.D. and Jenna Gensic, M.A.

Research Study

We are seeking Autistic teens and young adults who’d like their voices to be heard in our next book. We will compile responses to this survey to shape the book by neurodivergent voices. One co-author is Autistic and the other has children and a sibling on the spectrum. We designed the survey in collaboration with our teen and young adult Autistic team members at Detester Magazine.

If you are a young Autistic person or know someone who fits that description, PLEASE fill out this survey. Here is the survey link:

Please contact us with any questions:


Published on: Sep 1, 2021 at 13:05

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