Start a Fundraising Campaign for AANE

This fall, no matter where you live or what you do, you can help bring AANE to people across the country who need our support: a parent with a newly-diagnosed child, a teen struggling with the social dynamics of school, a young person entering the workforce for the first time, an older adult looking for meaningful relationships. Activate yourself and your network for AANE by launching a fundraiser today.    
First, choose a fundraising activity: follow your passion, cross something off your bucket list, or take on a challenge. From bake sales to bike rides to read-a-thons, how you raise money is up to you.
If you’re local to Massachusetts and love to bike ride: consider choosing the Ride for Kids as your fundraising activity. Ride for Kids is an annual bike ride for 1,000 people in Foxboro, MA hosted by our partner, Rodman for Kids. AANE has received 20 spots for this year’s ride, which will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2022.
Next, set up a simple fundraising page: click the button below to get to our fundraising platform. Once you're there, click "Register" to get started. If you're participating in the Ride for Kids, select “25 Mile Rider” or “50 Mile Rider.” For any other fundraising activity, select “Choose Your Own Adventure."
Follow the prompts to complete your registration. A minimum goal of $1500 is required for all Rodman Ride participants; a minimum goal of $500 is expected for all other fundraisers. Thanks to the generosity of our partner, Rodman for Kids, 100% of every dollar you donate or raise goes to AANE.
Once you’re all set up, get the word out to family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Questions? Email Abby Holstein, AANE Development Communications Specialist, at Thank you for your support!

Supporters Activating for AANE