Daniel W. Rosenn Fund

As a  pioneer in treating people with Asperger profiles, Dr. Daniel W. Rosenn offers invaluable leadership and guidance to professionals in the field. He has been tireless in promoting his message of understanding, acceptance, and empowerment of individuals with Asperger profiles.

In February 2015, AANE was pleased to announce the formal naming of our annual fall conference after Dr. Rosenn. The Daniel W. Rosenn Annual AANE Connections Conference, as it will now be called, honors Dr. Rosenn's many contributions to our organization and to the well-being of those with Asperger profiles.

In conjunction with the tribute to Dr. Rosenn, AANE has received a generous anonymous donation toward a permanent fund of $100,000. Interest from this fund will subsidize the keynote speakers for the Rosenn Conference and cover additional costs, such as providing scholarships for those who could not otherwise afford to attend.

Honor Dr. Rosenn Today

We consider you an important ally in helping us provide cutting-edge, innovative services to the growing Asperger profile community. Please contribute to the Daniel W. Rosenn Fund. This fund pays for an internationally known and respected keynote speaker for our annual conference, named after Dr. Rosenn. Thank you very much!

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Special Thanks

AANE thanks the following donors for their contribution to the Daniel W. Rosenn Fund:

  • Elsa Abele
  • Anonymous (3)
  • Jayne & Dennis Burke
  • Dotty Burstein
  • Sally T. Castleman
  • Kathleen & David Chapman
  • Mike Coln & Amy Weinstock
  • Sandy Crawford & Mark Weltner
  • Jill DeBender & Joyce Rosenfeld
  • Robin & Philip Dziuba
  • Dr. Eric Endlich & Ms. Kris Krok
  • Sophie Freud
  • Dr. Matthew Gromet & Phyllis Schultz
  • Edythe & Brian Harkins
  • Douglas & Roberta Herman
  • Ilse F. Heyman
  • A.C. Hurston
  • Elizabeth & Edward Jacobs
  • Gail M. Kastorf
  • Edward & Mary Ann Kazanjian
  • Harriett Korff
  • Diane Lapon
  • Dr. & Mrs. Robert Leibowitz
  • Dr. Kirk Lum
  • Miriam, John & Daniel Macht
  • Valerie & Bob McGuire
  • Moira McKenna
  • Nasha L. Miller
  • Richard T. Monahan, Ph.D.
  • Catharine Nicholson
  • Dr. & Mrs. Silvio S. Onesti
  • Keith & Silvia Rosenn
  • Eva Rosenn, The Max & Tillie Rosenn Foundation, Inc.
  • Gloria & Bob Schuster & Eryk Murray
  • Phil & Susan Schwarz
  • Claire, David & Josh Shaby
  • Jan & Steven Snitzer
  • Sarah Stahl & Harry Foster
  • R. Newcomb Stillwell
  • Mrs. Seymour Weinstock
  • Emma A. Weltner