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Meet Sydney

When I have a tough day, Dad knows. He brings in one of our bunnies, and puts him on my lap. I have loved animals since I was a kid. Our family now includes two rabbits, spotted guinea hens, a dog, a hamster, five chickens, and an aging turkey. I still have difficult days, but I know what is important to me: my family, the animals, and my attitude. My focus right now is on spreading as much positivity as possible.

…and Dave

Sydney has always been incredibly bright, and yet, I knew there was stress beneath the surface. I see how much the animals help her. She pitches in to care for our quirky menagerie and is now sharing her knowledge and passion for all animals. She brings the rabbits to a local nursing home and works at the zoo -- it is great to see others benefit from her spirit and expertise. She is putting herself out there and is so good with the families. I am incredibly proud.

The AANE Community Understands

After Sydney’s Asperger diagnosis, our family was overwhelmed. It felt like we were alone on an island, desperately looking for help. When I went to my first AANE support group, I learned there were other people who truly understood our experiences -- it made our lives so much easier. Our support group covers everything, from challenges and strategies, to the importance of laughter and love.

- Dave, AANE Dad

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