Support Services for Autism: Parental/personal experiences and opinions

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Behavioural and pharmaceutical intervention approaches that target autism symptomatology are varied and increasing. Understanding which of these are preferred approaches by parents of children with autism and individuals with autism, is an important step when initiating meaningful therapeutic research. More specifically, establishing common attitudes toward specific intervention types will help to identify future areas of research that are most relevant to families and individuals. This survey will attain perspectives surrounding interventions used to target autism symptoms and attitudes toward future research for specific interventions. There is scarce literature that sufficiently addresses this theme. Obtaining data of this nature (i.e., relevant experiential accounts and perceptions/attitudes) will enable future investigations to be aligned the most valued and supported interventions for autism. This should influence the quantity of research surrounding interventions that are deemed most approachable or effective by the target clinical population themselves (or their parents/guardians).

The following link contains the survey:

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To those interested - you're welcome to share your experiences and views regarding your child's (or your own) unique journey navigating support services for autism.

The aim of this research is to better understand decision-making and opinions surrounding support options. This research is funded by Deakin University and is being undertaken as part of a Doctor of Philosophy (Cognitive Neuroscience).

Survey and study details can be accessed via this link:

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Published on: June 23, 2022 at 21:47

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