Special Interest: The World of Game Shows

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For most of life, my primary special interest has been game shows.

For five years, I produced, directed, and edited game shows for my local cable access TV channel.

Producing these shows took tremendous effort. The cable channel’s staff acted as crew, but I was responsible for finding on-camera talent and contestants, arranging with taping locations, and finding sponsors. I even recruited local musicians to compose theme music. The effort was worth every minute. I made connections with some amazing people, learned a tremendous amount both about television production and about how to work with people and execute a project, and I just enjoyed it and was proud of the finished show. Special interests can lead to incredible personal fulfillment!


Watch a montage of Aaron’s work!


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Do you have a special interest that plays a significant role in your life? Are you passionate about a subject or activity that provides you joy, has lead to employment, or connected you to others who share that interest? If so, we want to hear from you!


At AANE’s Annual Daniel W. Rosenn Connections Conference on October 15, Dr. Tony Attwood will be speaking about the role special interests play in the lives of those with Asperger’s, autism, and similar profiles. As we prepare for this event, we want to highlight the voices of individuals on the spectrum who have a strong connection to a special interest. If selected, these stories would be shared through AANE’s website and social media platforms to promote the conference and shed light on this important topic in our community.

We hope to choose several stories to share, and if your entry is selected, AANE will be pleased to offer you a 20% discount off of the October 15 conference registration fee. If you are interested in sharing what your special interest is and what it means to you, please send a short written description (around 100 words) to Sonia.Janks@aane.org.

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