Sidekicks – Technology Usability Study

Research Study

Sidekicks is a Boston-based technology start-up that is building an online platform to help the autism community. Founded by Ron Suskind, best-selling author of Life, Animated, Sidekicks taps into kids’ special interests to help them practice communicating.

We are looking for parents and their spectrum kids (age 6-18) to help us test some new technology. To participate, you need to have an iPhone or iPad. We will run both you and your child through the set-up of the technology and collect feedback on the experience. Ideally, we’d like to videotape the process. In exchange for your help, we’re offering $100 compensation.

Time commitment: 90 minutes
Location: Ideally in your home, or in our Harvard Square Office
Date: May 17 & 18, 2017

If you’re interested, please send Rachel Verner an email at with the following information: your availability next Wednesday/Thursday, some info on your child (their age, what grade they’re in, how they communicate, etc.), what area you live in, and what devices you have in your household (i.e. iPads, iPhones, computers, etc).