Self-Perceived Social Communication Skills of High School Graduates on the Autism Spectrum

Research Study

This graduate student research study is seeking high school graduates, between the ages of 18-29 years, within the United States who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. With much of the research in the field of speech-language pathology focused on children, this study aims to provide a focus of the young adult to the professional literature with regard to communication skills. More specifically, this study has three primary goals. It will examine how young adults who have graduated from high school a) perceive their strengths and challenges in social communication and interaction skills, b) perceive how their social communication and interaction skills impact their daily experiences with employment and/or higher education, health care needs, relationships, and dating as young adults, and c) their attitudes towards receiving communication support services.
Participants will complete a one-time, conversational style interview of approximately 90 minutes with the researcher. The interview will be held online via a secure video conference platform. Participants will need to have access to a personal computer or smart-phone device with internet access and a webcam.
During the interview, participants will provide basic demographic information (all identifying information will remain confidential) and will be asked to provide their opinion and/or experiences related to autism, social communication and interaction, adult social roles/responsibilities, support services available to adults with autism/autistic adults.
All participants will receive a $75 e-gift card after completion of the interview to compensate for their time and participation in the study.

For more information, or to participate in the study, please contact Aieshea Banks at

Published on: Jan 27, 2020 @ 13:23