Romantic Relationships

AANE Staff

Romance, dating, long-term relationships, and marriage enter into the lives of some people with Asperger profiles, and of these, many start their own families and become successful parents. Dating presents challenges for many with Asperger profiles because it involves subtle social communication and requires one partner to “experience” the other’s experiences ‒ areas of frequent difficulty for those with Asperger profiles population. Also, dating and relationships may feel exhausting because they typically require so much frequent socialization. For these reasons, some with Asperger profiles decide that intimate relationships are too complex and demanding for them. Others, however, simply take on relationship challenges later in life (in their 30’s, or even later). Sexual orientation is as varied in people with Asperger profiles as it is in the general population, although there may be a higher incidence of asexuality, homosexuality, and sexual-role confusion among those with Asperger profiles. The overall success of an Asperger partnership depends, in-part, on the choice of partner.