Submit a Professional Referral

We are always looking for resources who understand Asperger’s and autism, especially ones recommended by our community.  AANE maintains two professional referral databases, the Diagnostician Directory and the Professional Resource Database.

Diagnostician Directory - Professionals who can officially diagnose autism in order for clients to gain education and government benefits and accommodations including medical doctors, neuropsychologists, and other mental health professionals are in this database.  The Diagnostician Directory is accessible by the public on this website.

Professional Resource Database -  Other professionals and organizations who work with the autistic community are in this database.  Our staff can provide these resources to individuals and families through information and resource calls or emails.

If you would like to share any type of professional with the greater AANE community please fill out the form below.

Please note that if you are making a self-referral we will need two client references who have used your services in the past.

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