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If you would like your name to be given as a referral or resource to people who call AANE, please submit information about your school/service/program on the form below.

There are also opportunities to market your service to the AANE community.

AANE also offers in-service training for your organization, school or business.

Submit a Professional Referral:

We are always looking for resources who understand Asperger’s and autism, especially ones recommended by our community.  AANE maintains two professional referral databases, the Diagnostician Directory and the Professional Resource Database.

We welcome referrals for professionals who diagnose autism from both professionals (self-referral) and from community members.  These professionals will be displayed in our website Diagnostician Directory.

All other professionals are in our private Professional Resource Database.  This database is accessible only by our clinicians who provide individuals and families who reach out via email or phone with referrals to professionals and organizations who work with the autistic community.  For the Professional Resource Database we accept referrals from our community members only.

Please complete this form if you would like to share any type of professional with the greater AANE community.

Individuals and Family Members:

If you would like to recommend a specific professional or program, please fill out the form below so that we can share the information with others who contact AANE for referrals.

Referral Form