Intensive Autism Coach Training (IACT)

The demand for personalized coaching is growing, but qualified coaches are in short supply.

Intensive Autism Coach Training (formerly known as AsperCoach) is a 4 day in-person certificate program, followed by 2 years of clinical support, for human service professionals and/or life coaches interested in gaining expertise in working with older teens and adults with Asperger/autism or similar profiles.  Participants learn and practice the coaching approaches developed over the LifeMAP program’s 15-plus years of experience and more than 2600 clients.

Intensive Autism Coach Training (IACT) is a unique opportunity for business and professional growth.  Participants learn the most effective approaches for coaching adults on the spectrum from professionals who are the experts in helping adults with Asperger/autism profiles build skills and progress toward reaching their life goals.

During the 4 day in-person program focusing on coaching older teens and adults with Asperger/autism profiles, you will learn:

  • To evaluate an individual's unique strengths and challenges within their environment
  • To develop appropriate coaching goals
  • To employ innovative coaching techniques that are responsive to each individual's needs
  • The latest knowledge about Asperger/autism or similar profiles
  • New skills in the area of coaching adults on the spectrum

Follow-up consultation and support through two years of complimentary membership in Autism Professional Coaching Association (APCA) which includes: 

  • Monthly Clinical Hour sessions - online group peer support
  • Access to monthly Skill-Building Workshops on in-depth topics related to coaching autistic individuals
  • Individual phone consultations with experienced LifeMAP staff -- up to one hour per month (compared to a half hour per month for APCA members) 
  • Inclusion in Online Coaching Google Group Forum

Additional benefits of the program:

  • Intensive Autism Coach Training participants who complete all course requirements are eligible to earn continuing education credits. Applications for continuing education credits are pending.
  • Upon completion you will be listed on the AANE website as a certified IACT for the 2 years follow-up support period.

The IACT program is available to human service professionals and/or life coaches living outside Massachusetts, New Hampshire or New York City, and Long Island.  The 4-day in-person training is offered once a year, on-site, at AANE’s office in Watertown, MA. 


Intensive Autism Coach Training

Program Structure

This once-a-year, in-person, training will be delivered in modules composed of lectures, workshops, case studies, and hands-on activities. Instructors are experienced AANE LifeMAP staff. Adults with Asperger profiles will also share their first-person accounts with participants.

Due to the individualized nature of this training model, a maximum of fifteen participants will be enrolled per session.  The application and enrollment process is competitive. The training will last four days.

When:  July 10 - 13, 2023
Where: AANE, Watertown, MA 02472


  • $3,200 ($3,150 + $50 nonrefundable application fee) for non-CEU seeking participants
  • $3,500 ($3,450 + $50 nonrefundable application fee) for CEU seeking participants

Cost covers instruction materials along with breakfast and lunch daily. Travel and accommodation are not included.

Deadlines:  Application will open on January 27, 2023 and will be accepted on a rolling basis through June 5, 2023.  There is a $50 non-refundable application fee that will be applied toward the total tuition. Once you have been interviewed and accepted into the IACT Intensive Training Program, full payment must be received by June 30, 2023.

Maximum Capacity:  15 participants

COVID:  All participants must abide by AANE's COVID Policy, (updated Dec 2022).

Refund:  IACT $50 application fee is non-refundable. IACT tuition (minus the application fee) is fully refundable by written request received by AANE on or before June 30, 2023.  After that date, IACT tuition is refundable only in situations related to COVID and other extenuating circumstances, considered on a case-by-case basis. Should you wish to request a refund, contact IACT at

The IACT program is designed as, and intended to be, an in-person experience.  In the event that a participant should become sick or test positive with COVID after the start of the program, AANE will make every effort to work with participants on an individualized basis for a satisfactory solution, including providing limited remote access to training workshops or a partial refund of tuition.

Participants assume the risk of all ancillary costs related to registration for and attendance in IACT, including but not limited to airfare, hotel, and other expenses.

Certification: Certificates of completion will be granted upon successful completion of all training modules.


Intensive Autism Coach Training Application


For more information or questions: Contact LifeMAP Director Nataliya Poto at or schedule a free phone call to learn more!


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