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The Peter M. Friedman
Neurodiverse Couples Institute

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A warm welcome from Peter M. Friedman

Dear neurodiverse couples and therapists,

Welcome to the AANE community! We are so glad to have you join us!

I am very excited to announce the launch of the Peter M. Friedman Neurodiverse Couples Institute at AANE. When my family and I found the AANE community, we felt like we'd found a home. AANE understands what it's like to be part of a neurodiverse relationship and has over 20 years of experience providing training and consultation to professionals. Having been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome since age 21 (now 51) and having suffered the social backlashes that often accompanies one with AS throughout every stage of my life, my relationship with my wife is incredibly important to me. Therefore, having a therapist who understands and can work effectively with neurodiverse couples (such as my wife and me) is critical to the health and well-being of our marriage. We hope you can find the “home” that my family has found with AANE.

Please feel free to share any feedback, comments and suggestions you may have, so that we can enhance this program to the maximum extent possible.

With love and hope!

Peter M. Friedman

From our director, Grace Myhill, MSW

At AANE, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of couples who are seeking assistance with their relationship because they either know or think that they or their partner has an Asperger profile. They reach out to AANE looking for a therapist who understands the strengths and challenges of neurodiverse relationships. Our goal at the Neurodiverse Couples Institute is to develop a specialized program to train couples therapists to understand that neurology matters when it comes to treating a couple in therapy, so that when a neurodiverse couple reaches out to us, we can recommend an AANE certified therapist in their area.

Stay tuned as we develop our specialized program to train couples therapists to effectively work with neurodiverse couples. For all couples therapists, to learn how you can get involved contact me at institute@aane.org or sign up below to receive Therapist Training Program progress updates.

The mission of The Peter M. Friedman Neurodiverse Couples Institute is to increase awareness, support, and resources for neurodiverse couples — in which one or both members has an Asperger / Autism spectrum profile — by providing specialized training for therapists to recognize, understand, and treat this unique population.

Neurodiverse Couples, WE NEED YOU!

Neurology matters and so does your feedback.

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Why Neurology Matters

The Importance of Understanding Neurodiversity when Treating Neurodiverse Couples in Therapy

A couple is neurodiverse when one or both partners has an Asperger / Autism Spectrum profile. Because neurological differences between partners affects the dynamics of their relationship, including their communication, behavior, and ability to perceive each other’s perspectives, therapists must understand that neurology matters when working on the couple’s issues.

Neurology cannot be separated from a person — it affects personality, strengths, talents, and challenges — as well as the way a person views the world, thinks, speaks, behaves, and feels.

Neurology matters a great deal in an intimate relationship, since it impacts every conversation a couple has, how they make decisions together, how they raise children together, how they live together, and how they achieve goals together.


“I am so thankful to find out that my husband is on the spectrum. It has given me so much relief. For years I felt that if I had just done more, or gone for help earlier, things would have been better, but now I realize that unless the therapist understood Asperger’s, it would not have helped.”

from a neurotypical spouse

Meet Eric Endlich, Ph.D. and his wife Kris. Eric is a therapist, a Neurodiverse Couples Institute Advisory Team member, and a partner in a neurodiverse couple.


A Training Program for Therapists – COMING 2018!
Neurology Matters: An Online Program to Teach Couples Therapists to Recognize, Understand, and Treat Neurodiverse Couples

Intimate relationships can be hard for anyone, but they are especially challenging for neurodiverse couples — partners have different perspectives, communication techniques, skill sets, and approaches to life. AANE has assembled an Advisory Team of experts to develop our specialized training program to teach therapists why neurology matters in couples therapy and how to recognize, understand, and treat neurodiverse couples.

Do you want to become a part of the curriculum development process? We are looking for couples therapists to help us test the online training curriculum. Email institute@aane.org to learn more.

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