AsperCoach Intensive Training

LifeMAP AsperCoach Intensive Training is a certificate program, followed by 2 years of clinical support, for human service professionals and/or life coaches interested in gaining expertise in working with adults with Asperger/autism or similar profiles.  Participants learn and practice the coaching approaches developed over the LifeMAP program’s 10-plus years of experience and more than 2600 clients.

AsperCoach Training is a unique opportunity for business and professional growth.  Participants learn the most effective approaches for coaching adults on the spectrum from professionals who are the experts in helping adults with Asperger/autism profiles build skills and progress toward reaching their life goals.

AsperCoach consists of 4-days of intensive, in-person instruction, followed by two years of professional consultation and collaboration.  This consultation program includes:

  • 24 sessions, offered monthly, of online group peer support
  • Individual phone consultations -- up to 6 hours over the 2 years
  • AANE membership -- connecting you with extensive resources and this mutually supportive community

AsperCoach is available to human service professionals and/or life coaches living outside Massachusetts, New Hampshire or New York City, and Long Island.  The 4-day in-person training is offered once a year, on-site, at AANE’s office in Watertown, MA. See below training dates and for information on how to register.

The demand for personalized coaching is growing, but qualified coaches are in short supply.

AsperCoach 4-day In-Person Training

When:  July 18 - 21, 2022
Where: AANE, Watertown, MA 02472

Cost: $2,750 (includes a nonrefundable $50 application fee) covers instruction materials along with breakfast and lunch daily. Travel, and accommodation are not included.

Focusing on adults with Asperger/autism profiles, your will learn:

  • To evaluate an individual's unique strengths and challenges within their environment
  • To develop appropriate coaching goals
  • To employ innovative coaching techniques that are responsive to each individual's needs
  • The latest knowledge about Asperger/autism or similar profiles
  • New skills in the area of coaching adults on the spectrum

Program Structure

This in-person, training will be delivered in modules composed of lectures, workshops, case studies, and hands-on activities. Instructors are experienced AANE LifeMAP staff. Adults with Asperger profiles will also share their first-person accounts with participants.

Due to the individualized nature of this training model, a maximum of fifteen participants will be enrolled per session.  The application and enrollment process is competitive. The training will last four days.

Certification: Certificates of completion will be granted upon successful completion of all training modules.

AANE In-Person Program Event Attendance Agreement

To learn how to apply: Contact LifeMAP Director Nataliya Poto at or schedule a free phone call to learn more!