Welcome to AANE! We look forward to getting to know you and supporting your work with individuals who are on the autism spectrum or have Asperger profiles. AANE offers professional training and consultations, referrals, client information and resources, networking opportunities and more. Educators and school administrators, mental health specialists, healthcare providers, attorneys, government agencies and nonprofit organizations are among the many professionals who contact us for our services.

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How can AANE help you?

Have you ever wondered how you could meet the needs of a student or client on the autism spectrum? Do typical approaches or methods seem ineffective or make situations worse? AANE can help you understand the challenges and strengths of people with Asperger profiles and offer practical strategies to help you work most effectively with your clients, patients or students.  

AANE also has an extensive referral database of professionals. We receive hundreds of calls and emails each month from professionals, parents and adults on the autism spectrum looking for professional referrals.

AANE provided critical training throughout the school year in order for teachers and counselors to fully understand how best to help our students be successful. We now feel more confident in working with students on the Autism Spectrum due to AANE’s expertise and training.

- High School Guidance Counselor