Coaching for Parents & Family Members of Adults Over 23

What is Coaching for Parents & Family Members of Adults? 

Parents and other adult family members of individuals 23 years old or older should consider parent coaching when they have a complex set of questions or difficult issues to address.  Parent coaching is a one-to-one intensive problem solving and skills-building session or series of sessions designed to help parents of adults identify practical strategies they can use to address their adult child’s and their family’s unique needs at home, at college, work, or out in the community.  

If you are the parent of an adult 18-22, investigate AANE’s Parent Coaching for Children, Teens and Transition Age Adults

If you are the partner or spouse of an adult with an Asperger profile, find out more about AANE’s Neurodiverse Couples Coaching.

Here are some of the problems we’ve helped parents address through parent coaching:

  • "My son knows he has Asperger’s but doesn’t accept the diagnosis. How do I get him to ask for help?"
  • "Our daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s only recently.  What does it mean for her future? For our future?"
  • "Our adult child no longer communicates with us. He is in “shut down” mode  and we are worried we will lose him."
  • "My son may be an adult, but he’s really irresponsible. How do I keep him out of trouble?  I don’t have any control over him."
  • "My husband and I are getting older and our daughter has always lived with us.  How should we prepare her for when we aren’t there anymore?"

Through coaching we help parents:

  • Parent on the same page and improve communication with their adult child.
  • Target the right benefits, support resources and providers to help their adult child and their family reach their goals.
  • Identify and try out practical strategies for changing behaviors (both theirs and their child’s).
  • Create a roadmap and prioritize where they need to spend time, money, and energy to achieve their goals.

How Much does Parent Coaching Cost?

A single one-hour parent coaching session is $125. If cost is an obstacle you can choose to pay an hourly rate that is 25%, 50%, or 75% off this rate with the codes listed in the Financial Assistance section below.

Financial Assistance

We recognize that cost can be an obstacle for some families. AANE is very honored to have been awarded grants from the Cummings Foundation and the J.E. and Z.B. Butler Foundation that allow us to support family services by reducing or eliminating fees.

If you need a price reduction on your parent coaching or IEP review appointment, please use one of the following codes:
  • Use the code 25%OFF
  • Use the code 50%OFF
  • Use the code 75%OFF

To apply the discount click on "redeem coupon" at check out.
If you have any questions please email

Schedule a Coaching Session for Parents & Family Members of Adults Over 23

Parent coaching is currently available online. All sessions are one-hour in length and available by appointment.  Follow the three steps below to learn more about our parent coaches and schedule your first session.

Parent of Adult (23 years and older) Coaching Session

  • Families outside of NY state - Scroll within the scheduling box below to see all options 

What People are Saying About Parent Coaching  

"After talking with you I feel greatly empowered and more confident that we can do this and get through the next few years in one piece. It's obvious you know what it's like to live with Asperger's in your family. Thank you!"