AS 101: A Workshop for Parents of Newly Diagnosed & AS 102: What’s Next?

AS101: A Workshop for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children/Teens/Young Adults

This two-hour workshop will go over what you can expect raising an autistic child/teen/young adult (through age 22). We will cover strengths of the Asperger profile, common challenges, considerations for home and school, support strategies, disclosure, and more. Those who have a child or teen with a suspected diagnosis and family members are welcome.


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AS102:  What’s Next? – A Workshop for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children/Teens/Young Adults

Families are often unsure what to do upon learning their child or teen has an Asperger/autism diagnosis. Whether handed a report with dozens of recommendations or leaving a clinician’s office with none, this workshop will give you tools and ideas for a path forward. Topics include crafting a vision for your child and your family to help with decision making, figuring out the “right” services, getting started with educational advocacy, public supports, respite, and more. This presentation builds on information presented in AANE’s AS101 workshop describing the Asperger/autism profile; participants can take the workshops as standalone or in either order. Presenter: AANE Child & Teen Services Staff


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AANE staff are available to speak with you about your family members on the autism spectrum. If you have questions or concerns, you can sign up for a free information and resource call or you may wish to sign up for a one hour Parent Coaching session. Coaching is available no matter where you live, as we can speak with you in person, by phone, or over Skype.

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