Moms’ Night Out

Mom's Night Out is a time for moms to relax together in good company, with delicious food and drink. Please join us for the new season! Sign up for whichever date or dates you prefer.

Hosts Barbara Lund and Nora Hutton—and many other moms—are eager to meet you!

About the Moms' Night Out Group

When: Fridays from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm.
  • -CANCELLED- June 5, 2020
Cost: $10.00 per session. Register for each session you wish to attend. We’re always glad to see you, but it’s up to you how often you come. Some months we may include a speaker or special activity—we’ll let you know! Event Category: Mothers of children, teens, or adults with an Asperger profile. Where: Most months we will meet in the AANE Gallery/Café at 51 Water Street, Suite 206, Watertown, MA. Organizer: Stephanie Birkdale, AANE Phone: 617-393-3824 x32 Email:  

What if I don’t live in Massachusetts?

Wherever you live, staff in AANE Child and Teen Services, and AANE Adult Services, welcome opportunities to speak with parents about your family members on the autism spectrum. If you have a lot of questions or concerns, you may wish to schedule a one hour Parent Coaching session. If you don’t live close enough to come to our Watertown, MA office to meet in person, we can speak with you by phone or over Skype.