AANE Support Groups for Adults

Support groups offer post high school adults with Asperger/autism profiles the opportunity to connect and relate to peers in a series of face-to-face groups, drop-in groups, or in a series of online groups.  Adult support groups are facilitated peer support, not intended to be therapy.

All groups are limited in size, are facilitated by an AANE staff member, and require pre-registration. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Learn more about the guidelines and code of conduct for adult groups and events on the Adult Support Group and Event FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. 

Support Group Series for Adults

Support group series are designed to create a tight-knit community of support that members can tap into even after all group meetings in the series end.  Members of the group must register in advance.   Groups meet each week or every other week for 6 to 8 weeks.  Registration is typically limited to 12 members.  AANE holds in-person and online support group series. 

Click here to see all Adult Support Group Series

Ongoing/Drop-In Support Groups for Adults

Ongoing Support Groups, also know as Drop-In Support Groups, are in-person groups for adults on the autism spectrum which meet at regularly scheduled times.  Click on the links below to see a list of ongoing/drop-in adult support groups in each location.     Advance registration for  New England meetings is encouraged. No registration is needed to attend NY ongoing support group meetings.  Newcomers are always welcome, but for the best ongoing support group experience, we recommend that newcomers contact events@aane.org or the group facilitator to request a phone orientation. 

Support Group Costs

The cost of support group series varies, but is typically $80 for all 8 meetings in the series.  Some Ongoing/Drop-In Support Groups are free, while others may have a modest cost ($5-15) to attend each meeting.  We recognize that cost is an obstacle for many of our clients. If you need to have the fee waived or discounted, contact the group facilitator or stephanie.birkdale@aane.org.

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