“Closed” Support Groups for Parents of Adults (23 Years Old & Older)

A “closed” support group for parents of adults has the same group members (up to 14) for a set number of sessions (8) and is designed for parents of adults (ages 23+). Please note, other adult family members of adults over 23 may also join the group.

Closed support groups are ideal for parents who want to go beyond sharing their stories with newcomers each time at open support group meetings. Closed support groups help parents establish a stronger connection with and get more extensive peer support from the same group members in a series of meetings. These closed support groups involve check-ins with parents and family members on issues and successes, as well as education on various topics. These groups provide facilitated peer support and are not intended to provide group therapy. It is an opportunity for parents to voice their concerns and frustrations and celebrate hard-won and unexpected victories. Although each group will focus on different themes and questions, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Now that your child is an adult, how do you parent without power?
  • How do you keep the lines of communication open?
  • How can you help your child find and sustain employment and live independently?
  • How to get your adult child to expand his or her social network?
  • What types of services have other parents used and what were the results?
  • How have other parents tapped into health, income, housing, and other benefits?

Register now for these Parent of Adult “Closed” Support Groups

What to do if these groups are full or if registration has closed:

• Click here to sign up for the early notification list.
• Look for an early registration invitation in your email when we offer the next set of “closed” support groups for parents of adults 23+ in June 2021. This will give you an opportunity to register before we open registration up to everyone

Parents of Younger Adults and Other Family Members

• Parents and family members of adults 18-22 should check out Parents of Transition Age Youth “Closed” Support Groups.
• Spouses and partners of adults on the spectrum should investigate Support Groups for Couples & Partners.

Click here if you have questions about Parent of Adult Support Groups or contact stephanie.birkdale@aane.org.