AANE Support and Social Group Facilitators

Support groups and social groups and events offer post high school adults with Asperger/autism profiles the opportunity to connect and relate to peers.   Social activity series and event facilitators plan and guide adult participants in activities and events.  Facilitators are AANE staff or volunteers who themselves are on the autism spectrum, have family members on the spectrum, or have worked extensively with the Asperger/autism community.

Support groups are facilitated peer support, not intended to be therapy.  Social events and activities are designed for self sufficient adults on the spectrum or family members of those on the spectrum.

Learn more about the guidelines and code of conduct for adult groups and events on the Adult Support Group and Event FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Our Facilitators

Michele Cantara,

Co-Director of Adult Services

Michele is the mother of a young adult with ASD who is taking college classes and working part-time. In college, Michele majored in Psycholinguistics, which helped her recognize her son's social interaction issues early on, and started her down a path of advocating for parents. In 1998 she co-founded the Massachusetts Special Education Parents Advisory Council (MASSPAC).  Michele also spent 35 years in the high-tech industry, and she now applies her well-honed consulting and changes management skills to parent coaching sessions and parent support groups at AANE.

Contact: michele.cantara@aane.org, 617-393-3824 X73.

Jennifer DeSanctis-Narby,

Jennifer 125 140

AANE LifeMap Coach and Support Group Facilitator

Jennifer is an AANE LifeMap coach and she also facilitates several in-person AANE Parent of Adult Support groups and leads three AANE PoA online groups. Jennifer’s motto is "What else can go right?"  Coaching LifeMap clients and leading parent groups is her passion. By helping them shift their perspective to what can go right, she is able to help them make significant positive changes in their lives. Jennifer says, “ I’m constantly amazed by parents' commitment to their adult child's future, but I also recognize that this commitment can be all-consuming and draining.”
Allyson Linehan,

Consultation & Coaching Specialist Adult Services

Allyson Linehan has worked over 30 years in the human service field and has a Masters in Pastoral Counseling from Boston University. She has been a LifeMAP Coach for 5 years and enjoys helping clients achieve their goals and dreams.



Kelly Urban

Kelly UrbanKelly Urban, is a therapist and LifeMAP coach, who also works in AANE's Adult Services Department. Kelly previously worked at McLean Hospital, using DBT to teach young women emotion regulation tools and other life skills to move forward in their lives. Since 2014, Kelly has been providing information and referral services to adults, their families, and professionals, to help navigate what an Asperger profile means for them or those they care about.


Nick Gallop

Nick Gallop Staff PhotoNick Gallop is our Adult Services Coordinator, and a Published Author on Autism who specializes in helping young adults on the Spectrum. He's worked with everything from Universities, to Parents, to the Clients themselves in helping them understand themselves and their Aspergers Profile. He is also an artist and musician, and is knowledgeable both on how artistic expression can help those on the spectrum, and how to market oneself as an artist.

Erica Remi
Erica Rémi is the Director of Development at AANE and responsible for raising funds to support its programs and services. Prior to joining AANE in 2017, Erica worked at the nonprofit organization Year Up and the consulting firm Development Guild. She has gained extensive knowledge about Asperger/autism profiles through working with neurodiverse colleagues, building relationships with AANE community members, and parenting a child on the spectrum.
Stephanie Birkdale

Liz Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts, PsyD is a lifespan psychologist and neuropsychologist. Liz is in private practice in Lenox, Massachusetts and Hudson, NY and serves children, families, adults, and professionals in education and mental health with neuropsychological evaluation, psychotherapy, legal advocacy, consultation, training, and supervision. Previously, Liz was the National Director of Clinical Support Services for College Internship Program (CIP), a multi-site transition program for young adults with mild ASD and other learning differences. from the staff and young adults across CIP’s campuses and is grateful for that opportunity. For over a decade Liz was an assistant professor at the NYU School of Medicine and a staff neuropsychologist on the autism spectrum disorders service at the NYU Child Study Center. Liz has specialized in the diagnosis and evaluation of individuals across the lifespan with autism spectrum disorder and other learning, developmental, and neuropsychiatric conditions.
Gail Kastorf, M.Ed.

Grant Writer

Bruce Sabian
Bruce Sabian, M.A., LMHC, is the owner, co-founder, and director of Academy MetroWest, a children’s group therapy program in Natick, MA. Since 1994, Academy MetroWest has conducted gymnasium based groups for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum and other developmental challenges. Groups center on the use of cooperative, non-competitive physical activity and aim to enhance self-image and social skills and cognition. Mr. Sabian also provides individual counseling, and executive function coaching, and has served as a consultant and trainer to school systems and other human service organizations.
Emily Rothman
Emily F. Rothman, ScD is a Professor at Boston University School of Public Health and also a student in a licensed mental health counseling program. She is a former domestic violence shelter worker and rape crisis hotline listener. She co-authored a curriculum for teenagers about pornography, and has experience teaching healthy relationships classes to teenagers with an Asperger profile and college students with mental health challenges.
Jamie Freed

Jamie Freed (she/her/hers) is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with offices in Quincy and Newton Highlands, MA. She specializes in working with neurodivergent and gender expansive individuals and their families, including those on the autism spectrum.

Jamie draws from years of experience as the Director of Adult Services at The Asperger/Autism Network (AANE), where she worked with adults on the autism spectrum, as well as their families individually and as a group facilitator. She also has expertise in working with individuals who are exploring their gender identity and expression, including non-binary identities. 

Jamie emphasizes the importance of psychoeducation and takes a practical approach to helping clients improve the quality of their lives whether focusing on communication, relationships, employment or having independent and meaningful lives. She brings a nonjudgmental, compassionate approach to the therapeutic relationship. Jamie’s style is primarily cognitive in nature, emphasizing strengths and incorporating coaching skills as necessary to empower her clients and enable self-advocacy. 

Melissa MacNish

Melissa MacNish (she/her/hers) is a licensed mental health counselor with extensive experience working in the LGBTQ+ community. She is currently in private practice at The Meeting Point in Jamaica Plain, MA. 

Melissa is deeply committed to creating safe spaces for trans, non-binary and queer youth to develop healthy identities. She has been involved with the GBPFLAG parents of transgender/gender non-conforming children support group since its inception in 2009.  She is also on the founding Board of Directors and Assistant Director for Harbor Camp’s Camp Aranu’tiq, summer camp programming for transgender and gender variant youth and their families.  Melissa recently launched her business, SAYFTEE, LLC to offer more services to meet the needs of the the LGBTQ+ communities in the Boston area.  

For the past twelve years, Melissa has had the privilege of supporting many families through the process of understanding a family member’s gender identity and expression and has helped both families and individuals navigate the complex issues that often arise as a result of a gender transition or non-binary gender presentation.

Elisa Lloyd
Miriam Zisook

Miriam Zisook is a social worker and designer on the team at Powderhouse Studios. Miriam has worked as a designer on assistive technology and wearable technologies, and worked to support and increase the power and participation of disabled people in technology fields. Miriam's work at Powderhouse is focused on how learning to make things and learning to solve problems like a designer can help people become more confident, competent, and empowered.