The AANE Artist Collaborative is a vibrant Community of artists (over age 18) who identify as being on the autism spectrum. Numbering more than 100 members, our artists are located all over the US and beyond.

Since 2007, the Artist Collaborative has met regularly (currently via Zoom) so that members could share their artistic creations and journeys, explore opportunities for growth, as well as opportunities for exhibiting and selling their works. In the process the artists have built a strong and dedicated group and have taken on leadership of all of the Collaborative's activities, from planning events to mounting exhibits and managing a gallery and boutique.

Members create work in every medium imaginable, and often more than one. Visitors to the website or in office gallery will find fine arts and photography, crafts, music, video, writing and more. Pieces on display in the gallery, and at events, are available for purchase. Artists receive 100% of the proceeds.

Whether at the gallery at AANE's Watertown office, or at art venues around New England and beyond, our remarkably talented artists are gaining a following. Several have received prestigious awards, and others have had their stories and work featured in books and news articles. And many are finding their work sought out by collectors.

For more information about joining the AANE Artist Collaborative, to inquire about visiting the gallery or attending a local show, open house or other event please email:

Artist Collaborative Website

Please visit the Artist Collaborative’s website,, to meet our artists,  explore virtual art galleries and get the latest information on upcoming exhibits.