Research study for Autistic children aged 3 to 6 years

Research Study


We are conducting a two-visit research study at the Child Language Lab at Boston University about Autistic Children’s linguistic development.

During the first visit, we are interested in learning how children on the spectrum understand pronouns like “me” and “you”. Your child would play an interactive game with two of our research assistants, where your child would make certain choices – for example, which box a sticker is hidden under. We would film the game for data coding and analyses.

Roughly a month later, you and your child would come back into the lab for the second part of the study. In this part, we are interested in learning how you talk to your child while describing pictures and telling stories. We would record your child’s eye movements with an eye-tracker during the session, and also film your interaction for later data coding and analyses.

You would be with your child for both visits of the study, and during the two visits we would also have your child participate in a standardized language assessment.

Typically, each visit to our lab lasts about 60 minutes, but we like to schedule 90 minutes to give us a chance to talk and to give your child a chance to play and become comfortable in the new environment. Parking is free and your child will receive a small thank-you prize to take home. If you participate in both visits, you will also receive monetary compensation.

Please let us know if you have any questions. You can contact us at 617-353-3379 or email us at