Re-assessing previously found differences in implicit racial bias between autistic and neurotypical adults

Research Study

I wanted to ask whether you might be able to help me with recruiting participants.
I’m Sebastian Heeren, psychology student at the University of the West of Scotland and I am currently working on a study for my Bachelor Dissertation. In it, I am comparing implicit racial bias in autistic and neurotypical adults. Two previous studies have found implicit racial bias to be reduced in autistic adults compared to neurotypical adults, which is why I am attempting to replicate these findings. Ethical approval was granted to my study, and I can provide my Ethical Approval sheet to prove this.

The whole experiment is anonymous, and participants can withdraw their data until the 15th of February 2022 simply by stating their pseudonym via e-mail. In the experiment, participants will be asked for their informed consent, answer a few demographic questions on ethnicity, age, and sex, and then complete the Social Responsiveness Scale for adults to identify typical autistic traits in social interaction. Thereafter, they will complete a short intelligence measure (the HMT-S) and finish by doing an Implicit Association Test to assesses implicit racial bias. Before being debriefed, participants may choose to enter their e-mail to take part in a prize draw for a 50-pound Amazon voucher.

I am happy to go into more detail if this was a bit too brief. Still, I hope this is enough information for you to decide whether you would be able to help me.

Thank you!

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Published on: Nov 19, 2021 at 08:28

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