Promoting Family Resilience: Effect of a Parenting Intervention on Families of Children with Autism

Research Study

Our study focus on supporting parents of children with autism through a parental intervention program focused on building resilience and improve emotional wellbeing.

All parents of children with autism ages between 2 years-6 years.

Study Description:
Participants will be either assigned to receive the intervention program (weekly meetings for 12 weeks) or to be in control group (receive their routine care).
Participants in either group will receive reimbursement for participation in this study.

Intervention groups will be held at Lawrence Public Library, meal will be provided and we will reimburse participants for transportation.

Control group will be offered to attend the same program at the end of the study if they are interested.

For more information:
Please contact Aseel Al-Jadiri, MD, or Cristal Martin, SW at or 617 636 5737.

Published on: Jun 20, 2019 @ 09:25