Predicting and Optimizing Language Outcomes in Minimally-Verbal Autistic Children

Research Study

The Center for Autism Research Excellence at Boston University would like to invite you and your child to participate in our study, 'Predicting and Optimizing Language Outcomes in Minimally Verbal Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder' (POLO). We are recruiting children with or without Autism Spectrum Disorder, ages 3.5 - 6 years old.

The POLO study includes play-based cognitive and language assessments, safe and non-invasive brain imaging (EEG), motor testing, parent surveys, and a parent interview. The study can typically be completed in up to four (2-3 hour) visits to our Boston University location. Some children will be invited to return to our lab for an additional two visits at 6 months and 12 months after their initial visit.

We offer up to $200 in compensation as well as free parking, parent report, and childcare for any sibling(s) who might attend. Please reach out to or 617-863-7370 if you are interested in participating or learning more about the study. To learn more about the POLO study and fill out an eligibility screener, you can visit our webpage:

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Published on: April 25, 2023 at 9:50

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