Perspectives of Caregivers of Individuals who use AAC

Research Study
Children who have significant disabilities often have challenges when communicating. Often these children will use alternative methods to support their communication. This survey and interview-based study aims to seek the perspectives of the parents of these children. We know that children who have these challenges often have poor academic, social, and long-term outcomes. However, what we don’t know about are the experiences their parents endure when trying to support their children.
This study is two parts. Part one, we will distribute an online, anonymous survey. Part two will include an in-person interview with participants who indicated they would agree to an interview following the completion of the survey.

First, we will be sending out the survey to parents of children with disabilities via email. These individuals have at least one child who uses alternate ways when communicating. We will not be sending this out to anyone that does not have at least one child who meets these criteria.

Then, we will ask anyone that meets our inclusion criteria and who also completes the survey to participate in part two of our study, the in-person interview.

 Published on: Sep 22, 2021 at 14:17

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