Perception of Childhood Bullying in Adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Research Study

This is a dissertation project that currently undertaken by Masters students in the University of York in the UK. The aim of this project is to assess perception of bullying in childhood in adults with ASD through asking them to recall childhood experiences in relation to theory of mind, social cognition and emotional perception measures.

You will be eligible to take part if you are:
1. over the age of 18
2. have identified yourself as having a diagnosis of Autism
3. have identified English as the first language
4. have no significant visual problems that will prevent you using a screen

The study can be accessed through the following link on a smart phone or computer. It should take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete and looks at your experiences and perception of bullying in childhood.

Please note that if you choose to take part, you may withdraw at any time during the process of completing the questionnaire. All information given will be kept confidential and will be collected anonymously.

Thank you for taking part.
Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

If you have any queries about the study, please contact
Dr Miles Rogish ( or
Dr Melanie Forster (

Submitted on: 2020/04/21 at 7:58 pm