Parental guilt with ASD child

Research Study
I am a student on the BSc psychology programme at Manchester Metropolitan University. As part of the programme, I am required to complete a research project and I am contacting you to tell you about my planned research project and to see whether you would be happy for me to place advert on your forum.

The study will be exploring the relationship of emotion regulation and guilt in parents with ASD child, Participants need to be age 18 or above and parents of ASD child (2-16 years old), however this study is not suitable for parents who of ASD child who are diagnosed with a mental health disorder and/or are going through emotional dysregulation. They will be asked to participate in questionnaires about parental guilt, stress, self-blame, caregiver- burden of parenting ASD child, they will be asked to indicate their age and gender. The questionnaires should take approximately 30 minutes. I anticipate I would need to recruit approximately 138 of participants from your organisation.

If you agree to me conducting this research within your organisation it would be helpful if you or someone from your organisation could act as gatekeeper for the study, this would involve identify potential participants.

The data gathered from the participants will be used to help me answer the research aim/s as outlined above. It will be submitted for assessment by University examiners and may also be submitted for publication in an academic journal. With this in mind it would be helpful if you could let me know whether you wish your organisation to be named in the write up, and if so, how?

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Published on: Jan 24, 2023 at 10:50

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