Overhearing in ASD

Research Study

Can children with autism learn new words through eavesdropping?

Researchers at Emerson College and Boston University are conducting a study looking at how overhearing others’ conversation supports language development. The goal of this study is to explore this question in children with autism spectrum disorder.

This study involves one visit that lasts approximately 2 hours. Visits can be scheduled after school or during the weekend. Our methods include eye tracking and play-based behavioral observation.

We are enrolling children (aged 2-5 years):

  • with an autism spectrum disorder
  • with normal vision and hearing

Participating families receive free parking, free childcare for siblings, and a small toy for each child.

For more information, please contact us at (617) 824-3511 or email CSDResearch@emerson.edu.

Website: http://little.emerson.edu