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A Call for Stories on Intimacy in Neurodiverse Relationships
For a New AANE Neurodiverse Couples Institute Course for Therapists


As part of our Neurology Matters in Couples Therapy suite of courses, AANE’s Neurodiverse Couples Institute is creating a new online course to help therapists understand intimacy in neurodiverse couples. We would like to include the voices of both autistic and neurotypical partners in neurodiverse relationships through stories relating to intimacy.

The new course will be offered to therapists who have already taken Training 101: Fundamentals of Working with Neurodiverse Couples in Therapy and will provide a deeper understanding of the intimacy issues neurodiverse couples face.

Who Can Submit a Story:
Stories can be submitted from anyone who currently is or who has been in a neurodiverse relationship (i.e. asexual, heterosexual, same sex, polyamorous) for over one year. We are defining a neurodiverse relationship as a relationship in which one or all partners have an Asperger/autism profile. A formal diagnosis is not required.

What Type of Story:
The stories can be of any length relating to emotional or physical intimacy. They can be about times that were serious, poignant, embarrassing, funny, frustrating, inspiring, challenging, or hopeful.

A story can, but does not have to include, what has impeded intimacy, such as not knowing how to emotionally and/or physically connect with each other, sensory sensitivity issues, executive function challenges, differing feelings on the use of pornography, infidelity, difficulty initiating intimacy, restarting intimacy after a hiatus, or whatever you felt has gotten in the way of having intimacy with your partner.

A story could also include what is good in your intimacy with your partner, or what has promoted good intimacy. This may include strategies that you have figured out or have been taught, such as having a shared interest, hobby, or activity, figuring out ways to talk with each other in a connecting way, learning something new together, creating art or music together, or anything that you feel has brought you and your partner closer together.

Story Selection:
We welcome submissions, but please note that not all stories will be selected to be included in the course. Stories will be selected to reflect a diverse range of demographics and life experiences. Chosen stories may be edited subject to the author’s approval.

How Stories Will Be Used:
Therapists, coaches, and others who take the self-paced, intensive course will read the accounts as a way to learn the perspective of individuals in neurodiverse relationships. The stories will be downloadable and can be kept by those who take the course.

If your submission is selected, it will be made available to the clinicians who take the course. Please submit your story with that in mind, and include a title for your piece and a byline with either your first name only, a pseudonym, or “anonymous.”

Deadline for Submission:
Please send your stories to as an editable document (Word, Google document, or in the body of the email itself) on or before October 31, 2021.

NOTE: AANE is requiring all stories to be accompanied by a signed consent form allowing the use of stories in the course. Please click below for the consent form and include a signed copy when you submit your story.

There will be no compensation or royalties paid for stories submitted or used in the course.

AANE Consent Form                                                    Submit Your Story


Questions about AANE’s services for neurodiverse couples? Call: 617-504-3116